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Related article: Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2005 10:46:48 -0700 (PDT) From: Randy Daddy Subject: After the Pool(The following is a work of fiction, based solely on this author's imagination. If sexual contact between a grown man and a young boy offends you, then this fantasy isn't for you. As for the rest of you, I thoroughly support getting carried away in a fantasy, and I hope you enjoy mine.)AFTER THE POOLWhen Daniel asked me to take him to the pool, I never could have imagined that a short hour later I would find myself in this position. But I'm already ahead of myself. Let me start at the beginning..."Dad! Can we go to the pool!?"Daniel came running up the yard. My eight year old son, and only child of a failed marriage. I'd gotten custody of him because his mother didn't want him. He looks so much like me, I can only guess that it's because she couldn't tolerate the visual reminder of me. I'm just shy of 6' tall. I have sandy blonde hair that covers nearly all of my body. I have a very childish face, though I sport a Preteen Hussyfan Pictures goatee. Partly because I've been told I look good with one, and partly because it makes me look older. My eyes are green and deep set. I've put on a few pounds since high school, and no longer possess the rock hard body of an 18 year old. I'm still told that I'm handsome, though.Daniel has my shade of hair, and my build. His features are mine, except softened a bit by youth and the subtle influence of his mother's good looks. He also possesses his mother's deep brown eyes. He'd been over at his friend Connor's house all morning. I heard his yell and went to the door. Daniel arrived there as I swung the screen door open to let him in. "Can we go?" he asked breathlessly."Of course," I answered. I'd fully expected to take him to the pool today. it was over 90 degrees out, and the humidity was sweltering. We'd spent nearly every moment of the last few days at the pool. "Go get your suit on.""No, the pool is open now, let's leave now!" Daniel ran off to his room and grabbed Preteen Hussyfan Pictures his trunks. He was halfway out the door before I said, "Okay," and I grabbed my own trunks off the back of the kitchen chair, where I'd laid them the night before when we'd gotten back from the pool.It was a short ride from our house. On a not so humid day, we might have walked it, but it Preteen Hussyfan Pictures was too hot to do that today. We arrived and Daniel took off for the locker room while I signed us in. As I was signing us in, a van pulled up behind us, and a man and woman got out of the front. The woman opened up the side door, and nine kids piled out of the van, all of them wearing identical purple t-shirts, identifying them as members of the "Prewett Summer League." I had no idea what that was. Some sort of summer sports camp, I assumed. There were five girls and four boys, each toting a duffle bag with the same logo on it. The man and woman were in full lifeguard gear. The man sounded like a drill sergeant, and I could clearly hear his instructions as I turned and walked into the locker room."You will go into the changing rooms now and get changed for the pool. You will do this in less than three minutes. Go!"Daniel was in the corner, pulling off his socks. I went over to him and chose the locker next to his to put my stuff in. I could hear the thunder of nine pairs of feet heading for the locker room door. I began to change into my trunks. I slipped my shirt over my head and threw it into the locker. I kicked off my sandals and removed my watch. The door clanged open, and in walked the four boys from the Prewett Summer League. They were all around 12 years old I guessed, and they were rambunctious boys. They stormed into the locker room in a hail of loud voices and boisterous laughter. When they caught sight of me in the locker room, they lowered their volume immediately, but continued to snicker and punch each other as they proceeded to change for the pool.I slipped my fingers into the waistband of my shorts and underwear together and hauled them down. I had just stepped out of them when I heard the brief scuffle behind me, the short cry that sounded more like a yelp, the sickening thud, and the long wail of pain. I turned around to see Daniel sitting naked on the floor Preteen Hussyfan Pictures with tears streaming down his face, and a small cut on his forehead. He'd obviously slipped on the wet floor, and smacked his forehead on the bench on his way down. There was a large egg forming there. I immediately squatted down and picked him up to make sure he was okay.Daniel wrapped his arms around my shoulders, his legs around my waist, and buried his face into the nape of my neck, sobbing on me. I stood there, naked, rocking from side to side, whispering soothingly to Daniel and waiting for his tears to subside. As I was doing this, my eyes wandered over to the other four boys in the locker room. All of their eyes were on us, and I suddenly became acutely aware of the fact that I was naked in front of a group of young boys. Their attention had been originally drawn by Daniel's cries, but that was no longer what kept their gaze on us. I realized that they were looking at me. And not just at me, they were looking at my crotch.None of them registered that I was looking back at them, and I quickly averted my eyes so that they would not know that I had seen them looking. What possessed me next is something that I cannot quite explain, but I turned my body slightly toward them so that they could get a better look. I don't know if they'd never seen a grown man's cock, or what, but I stole glances every few seconds, and though they had gone back to changing, all of them were still watching me out of the corner of their eyes.My body began to react to their stares. I couldn't help it. Thirty two years old, and I couldn't prevent myself from getting aroused. Just thinking about those small boys staring unabashed at my hairy naked adult body. My cock began to slowly inflate. I worried that someone might walk in, but even if they did, the door opened backward upon the changing area, so I would have time to turn around and hide myself if I needed to.I continued to hold Daniel, but turned my body as much as I could so that I was completely exposed to the young boys only five feet away from us. Within about 30 seconds, I had achieved full erection, and my seven incher stood up proudly, the head of it throbbing slightly up and down with my quickened pulse. What a sight we must have made. A big naked hairy man holding onto a small naked hairless boy, my cock so hard that the tip of it was brushing against Daniel's own bare buttocks. Daniel, of course, was too upset at the moment to notice this.The door banged open, and a loud gruff voice roughly called out. "Wilson, Timbale, Smith and Door! You've had longer than three minutes. Get on deck now!"I spun around at the sound, facing back-to the room, but I needn't have bothered. The man never entered, he merely commanded from Preteen Hussyfan Pictures outside. The boy's fascination with my naked adult body broken, they quickly scurried out the door.What was that about, I wondered? Why did that turn me on so much? I'd never imagined myself doing that sort of thing before. It was very odd. But the coach yelling at the door and the boys leaving had awoken me out of the moment, and my erection faded almost immediately. We got into our trunks and went out to the pool.The boys from the Prewett Summer League were doing laps. Daniel and I played in the shallow end of the pool. After a few laps, the man who had been driving the van instructed the boys that they could enjoy free swim for ten minutes, and he turned and resumed talking with the woman he'd come with. All four boys came into the shallow end of the pool, and started playing a game of marco-polo right where Daniel and I were.It may have been my imagination, but it seemed that the three boys with their eyes open kept circling me and Daniel, calling out "Polo!" on their cue, and leading their "Marco!" counterpart directly toward me. Could this be planned? Twice in the next ten minutes, one of the boys would go past me in the water, close enough that I could count the freckles on their noses. One of the times I know I felt a hand brush up against my crotch under the surface of the water. I swear it lingered there for a moment, but couldn't be sure whether it had been on purpose, or an accident, since the boy's eyes were tightly shut. After about a half an hour Daniel decided he wanted to go home. We got back into the car and left.As soon as we got back, Daniel lay down on the couch and turned on Nickelodeon to watch cartoons. I went into the bedroom to get out of my wet trunks and change into something dry.As I'm getting a fresh pair of underwear out of the dresser drawer, I catch a glimpse of my naked body in the mirror. I look at myself for a few moments, trying to see myself as those young boys did. I no longer have the body of an 18 year old. When I was young I was meticulous about my appearance, and worked out five days a week. But being a single parent has made me a tad lazy. The days of 32 inch waist jeans are gone. A slight belly protrudes where once there was a six pack. But it doesn't look bad. My arms, though still muscular, don't possess their chiseled look anymore. Too busy, or lazy, to bother with waxing anymore, my body is nearly completely covered in hair. I realize, sadly, that I just look like the average Joe.I look at my crotch in the mirror. My nuts are drawn up, still cold from wearing the wet swim shorts home. I reach down and massage them a bit, bringing them back into a hanging position. My cock points down toward the ground. Circumcised and about 4 inches when soft, the head of it hangs down lower than my balls. It's quite thick, and even when limp, it is still an impressive sight.My mind is drawn back once again to those four boys watching me, watching my cock get hard. Thinking about this brings my body back to life, and once again I find my dick inflating.I toss the underwear back into the dresser drawer and lay down on the bed, propping my head up on the pillows. I reach down and start rubbing my cock slowly, coaxing it into it's full upright stance. Within a few short minutes, I'm hard as a rock again, and I start to crank my shaft with earnest. Thinking about those boys, and what they would think if they could see me doing this, I close my eyes and let my imagination wander.Just then I hear a small voice say, "Dad?"I freeze. My hand is halfway down the shaft of my cock, the head sticking out, hard as a diamond and slightly purple, the piss slit drooling a thin line of precum. I open my eyes and see Daniel standing at the foot of the bed. I make no move to cover myself. Looking at him, I ask, "What?""What are you doing?"I decide that honesty is probably best. "I'm masturbating. It's something that grown ups do to make themselves feel good.""What's wrong with your pee pee?""Nothing is wrong with it, kiddo. It's just hard." I slowly resume stroking, tweaking the head of my dick in front of my eight year old son. Preteen Hussyfan Pictures "Yours doesn't ever get hard?""No.""Well, it will when you get older. It's a grown up thing, Danny. And it's also private. You should probably go back in the other room."But he doesn't move. Daniel continues to stand there and watch me stroke myself. I keep watching him, as he watches me. Damn, this is turning me on, and I don't know why."Daniel?""What?""You should probably...""Can I watch?" he interrupts, asking me. I'm silent for a minute. I know I should tell him no, and that I should make him leave the room, but I'm not thinking right at the moment."Okay." I reply. Daniel sits down on the bed, cross legged, at the level of my crotch so that he can get a good look. I point my cock toward him and smile. He smiles back. I continue to jerk off, now having an audience, and turned on beyond anything I'd ever imagined.I close my eyes again, and work my fist up and down on the shaft of my cock, milking out all the precum I can. "Can I do it too?" Daniel asks."Sure, kiddo, just do exactly like I'm doing." I assumed he was asking if he could masturbate with me, but I'm shocked when I feel five tiny fingers wrap themselves around the head of my own hard cock, and start moving up and down. My eyes flash open, and I look down to see Daniel, my little boy, working my cock through his own tiny fingers, that are barely big enough to fit around my cock."Oh shit, Daniel, you're going to make me spurt," I tell him. He stops immediately, looking worried. "No, no, kiddo, that's a good thing!" I say quickly, hoping that he'll once again take my dick into his hands. He does, smiling back at me, and I tell him to stroke me faster. He does. The kid is a natural meat beater. Either that, or I'm so turned on by the events of the day that I'm ready to pop anyway."Why are you going to spurt, daddy?" he asks. I'm watching him stroke my fat cock with his tiny hands, and I can barely think or string two words together."When it feels... really good... white stuff... comes out... of your dick," I try explaining to him through ragged breaths."like pee?" he asks, naively."No," I pant. "It comes out... my pee hole... but it isn't... pee...""Can I see it?""Yeah, Danny, yeah... You'll see it... that feels... really good. Daddy likes your little hands... on his cock. You're going to make it... spurt pretty soon. You're going to... make daddy cum!" I'm breathless at this point, barely seconds away from blasting my baby boy's hands with my thick white semen.Daniel smiles. He's happy that he's making me feel good. Still jerking my cock with one little hand, he runs the fingers of his other hand through the ample hair around my pubic area, and lower tummy."Don't stop!" I exclaim, pleadingly. My hips arch up off the bed, and I throw my head back. I clench my eyes shut, but immediately open them again. I want to watch my hot cum spew out and cover my little boy's hands.The first blast shoots out, flying up into the air in a thick rope, swooping end over end before coming back down on my hairy belly. I hear Daniel let out a soft "wow," and my second blast spurts out, as strong as the first, this one landing on Daniel's hand that's still rubbing my pubic hair. He continues to stroke my cock, and I'm writhing under him, pumping out my juice, spurt after spurt. It starts to pour out of my cock, running down the shaft and all over Danny's fingers. My jizz lubricates his hand, and it flies faster and faster over my already oversensitive cockhead, driving me into a state unknown before. Jet after jet of white semen pours out of me, as though it's never going to stop.Sixty seconds later I'm drained dry, and Danny is still pumping my slowly deflating cock. Near passing out, I breathlessly say, "stop." Danny stops moving his hand, but continues to hold onto my cock until it is completely limp."God damned, kid, that was fucking awesome!" Danny just beams at me, pleased with himself that he's made his daddy feel so good. When Daniel asked me to take him to the pool, I never could have imagined that a short hour later I would find myself in this position. But now I find myself obsessing on the Prewett Summer League, and wondering how I could contrive to get them to watch Danny jerk my cock for me.(Comments or questions can be directed to Randy at
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